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All Contact List:

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   Board of Directors: 

     Lenny Moore - 2014
     Tim Bender - 2014
     Joni Bice - 2015
     Doyle Snead - 2015
     Michael Mack - 2016
     Ann Hornbeak - 2016


   Executive Committee

     Aric Randolph - President
     Greg Johannsen - 1st Vice President
     Laura Hill - 2nd Vice President
     Deb De Jacimo - Secretary
     Anna Austin - Assistant Secretary
     Craig Burgesen - Treasurer


   Appointed Volunteer

     Robert Crowell - Webmaster and TWSBCD Editor



Association of Southern Baptist Interpreters of the Deaf (ASBID)
Tammy Cantrell

   Missionary and Pastor Spouses Fellowship (MAPSF)
Lori Graff

Fellowship of Missionaries and Pastors of the Deaf (FMP)
Stephen Newell 

Junior Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf (JrSBCD)
Brandon Gaskin 


Vivian Crowley

Jeremy Mitchell

    Edward Fletcher

North American Missions
    Danny Bice

International Missions
   Bob Barker

Time and Place
   Ron Mears

   Laramie Burris

   Heather Burris

   Rose Hawley

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