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Booth/Exhibit Policies: Booth exhibitors must follow the SBCD program schedule.  Each booth/exhibit must close thirty (30) minutes before all worship services and Bible studies begin.  

SBCD shall not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, lost or stolen items, and/or if the booth/exhibit is left unattended. 

SBCD shall not be responsible for providing electrical cords and equipment; exhibitors shall be responsible for extra costs if charged by the conference facility.

All booths/exhibits shall be approved and supervised by the SBCD Board of Directors. 

A copy of the SBC Baptist Faith & Message 2000 is available upon request. However, you may click here to read it.

f booth exhibitors refuse to cooperate, they will be asked to leave immediately without any refunds. 

Any exhibit found to cause issues with Southern Baptist beliefs will be asked to leave the premise at once.  

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