About Us

To reach Deaf people for Jesus Christ by serving as a cooperative network for Southern Baptist churches and agencies to fulfill the Great Commission by providing training, advocacy, worship, fellowship, missions awareness, and mission involvement.

What is Our Goal?

Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf (SBCD) is a non-profit organization formed for the following purposes:

  • To provide a vehicle for obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) with respect to deaf people by personal witnessing, evangelism, home missions, foreign missions, and discipleship.
  • To provide opportunities for training in local church settings, in state conferences, and on the, national level to help equip people in all aspects of the deaf ministry.
  • To assist deaf persons with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and deaf persons, interpreting the needs and functions of the one to the other.
  • To provide a channel of communication within the Southern Baptist deaf community.
  • To provide an understanding of deafness and of the needs of deaf people to the community at large.
  • To provide opportunities for inspirational worship experiences.
  • To provide opportunities for Christian fellowship.

July 8 - 12





picture of Kris Courson and his wife

Monday - Kris Courson

Kris is currently serving as a bi-vocational co-pastor at New Deaf Church in Hoover, Alabama. He and his wife, Frances, have served as missionaries in Texas, California, and Russia. They relocated from Russia to Alabama in 2012 and helped set up a Deaf church with others in the Birmingham area. Kris currently owns and runs a sign language interpreting agency and Frances teaches in the school system. They have four children, three who have graduated college and one a senior in high school.

picture of Danny Bice

Tuesday - Danny Bice

Pastor- Deaf Church Oklahoma. Married to Joni Bice. Danny and Joni have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Danny has been in Deaf ministry serving our Lord for over 40 years.

Picture of Steve Dye and his wife

Wednesday - Steve Dye

Rev. Steve Dye serves with the Alabama State Board of Missions (ALSBOM) as a Deaf Ministry Catalyst. He also serves as the director of a national men’s conference called Deaf Men’s Gathering which hosts in Kentucky. He has been in leadership roles for over the past 20 years. He has been a strong voice in encouraging change in many churches to not “think outside of the box” but to “throw the box out” and to become prayer warriors inside the church and outside of the church. He has a beautiful wife of 23 years, Mandi, who has supported and served alongside Steve everywhere he goes. They share three awesome kids: TJ (22), Faith (16), Kamayla (13). Steve has a passion to mentor youth, men, married couples, and pastors/leaders of Deaf ministry, and he desires to see men grow spiritually strong and become godly leaders in their homes, their communities, and their local church. His hobbies include golf, basketball, and board games. His favorite scripture is John 3:30.

Picture of Dirk Hill and his wife

Thursday - Dirk Hill

Dirk is working as Bi-vocational Pastor for 7 years at New Beginnings Deaf Fellowship in Tyler, Texas . Currently working for Christus Mother Frances Hospital as Medical Laboratory Technology at Laboratory Department for 8 years. I have been Ordained Minister since 1996 and worked as Pastor at Grace Deaf Fellowship in Kilgore, TX., Associates Pastor at New Life Deaf Fellowship in Fort Worth TX and Associate/Youth Pastor for Silent Friends Chapel. My wife Laura and I married for 22 years and have two teenagers.

Picutre of Joseph Bulgherini, Jr

Music Worship Leader - Joseph Bulgherini, Jr

My name is Joseph Bulgherini, Jr and I am Deaf. I live in Texas. I have been married to my blessed wife, Ethel Aileen for almost 32 years. We have two blessed grown children and a daughter-in-law. I grew up in Deaf world because my parents are deaf. I graduated National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in major of Department of Engineering Technologies in 1987. I attended Deaf Theological Center in Brentwood, TN in 2015. I work ASL storyteller and language consultant for the DEAFGO Bible. I serve a pastor at First Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas.

Registration & Pricing

Important Information

Deadline for registration is on July 6th if you are paying online but for checks, last day to pay is on June 29th or pay at door on the day of conference.

Deadline for meals, no exception is on June 8th. Banquet is separated from the full week meal, if you want to come to the banquet and eat full week meal, please click on both and pay for both. The 0-10 will have different foods from the banquet and will probably have activities during the banquet.

Booth Information

SBCD Booth Policy

  1. The booth exhibit shall be approved and supervised at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reserves the right to waive the fee upon request.
  2. Any exhibit must respect the Southern Baptist beliefs and concur with the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the SBC in 2000. Any exhibit found to cause issues with Southern Baptist beliefs will be asked to leave the premise at once.
  3. Booth fees are:
    1. Class 1 (for profit) $100, Brentwood rate: $150
    2. Class 2 (for non-profit) $60, Brentwood rate: $100
    3. Class 3 (for missions/ministries/churches) $15, Brentwood rate: $30
    4. Class 4 (for SBCD and its auxiliaries, NAMB and IMB) $0, Brentwood rate: $0
  4. A booth consists of one table and 2 chairs.
    1. Additional tables will be available at an extra charge.
    2. If the host charges for tables, this cost will be in addition to SBCD charges.
    3. THe booth fees may change depending on where the SBCD has its annual conference.
    4. A late fee of $50 will be added if someone wants a booth after the deadline, but before the SBCD conference, if there is availability. There will be no acccommodations for requests for booths once SBCD week begins.
    5. Auxiliaries and Committees: (Jr. SBCD, IMC, NAMC, FMPD, MAPS, ASBID) of SBCD may reserve and use booths free of charge. They can receive donations and/or sell items to raise funds (for missionary purposes), but not for profit.
    6. Those using the booths must follow the SBCD program schedule. Booths must be closed 30 minutes before worship services and remain closed until the conclusion of the services.
    7. SBCD shall not be held accountable for accidents or injuries that may occur at the booths. SBCD will not be accountable for lost or stolen items at the booths.
    8. Exhibitors will be responsible for their own electrical cords, equipment, and non-SBCD fees.
    9. Failure to comply with all the above will result in booth closure.

Black drapes will be set up for each booth. One table and two chairs will be provided for each booth reserved.

Contact Person: Aric Randolph, arandolph@brentwoodbaptist.com

Event FAQs

Banquet Dress Code

We ask that everyone dress in their Sunday best- NO SHORTS, BLUE JEANS, or FLIP FLOPS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please be respectful of this as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary.

Event Location

Brentwood Deaf Church
7777 Concord Rd.
Brentwood, TN
Video Phone:
(615) 290-5156