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  Situation Needed  
  I am an ordained minister living in Fort Worth, TX.  I am attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I am looking for ministry opportunities, preferably full-time, but open to part-time positions, as well.  Willing to relocate if God leads to a new place. Josh Bruffey.

Contact me at josh_bruffey@yahoo.com
  Church Seeking Part-Time Pastor  
  Bluegrass Deaf Mission
3601 Winthop Dr.
Lexington, KY 40514
Contact Chuck Whitlow, deafchuch@gmail.com if you are interested.
  Minister to the Deaf

First Baptist Church of Knoxville – Deaf Congregation

Part time position

Salary range $12,500 to $13,200

Qualifications: Required: Ministerial experience and formal training, Fluency in ASL and English. Desired: College Degree, Seminary training

Primary Responsibilities:

1.     Plan and lead Sunday morning worship services

2.     Plan Wednesday Night Bible study (to be taught by minister or designated other)

3.     Oversee the Students’ Night On Wednesdays (SNOW) program for T.S.D. Deaf youth

4.     Studies to improve Bible teaching, preaching, and counseling

5.     Serve as the staff liaison to the Deaf Deacons/Deaf Ministry Council

6.     Works with Deaf Deacons on administration

7.     Plan activities with Deaf Deacons/Deaf Ministry Council

Contact James Gregory, at jggregory56@comcast.net
  Seeking for Pastoral Job  
  Roger A. Sanchez Jr. D.D. seeks for pastoral job. Click here to read his resume.  
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