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Urgent Issues

  SSP Needed!  
SSP (Support Service Provider) Coordinator is needed for SBCD Conference in 2014.

As you know, each year at our annual conference, we are privileged to have several Deafblind and visually-impaired people attend.  We praise the Lord for them.  We also have a responsibility to them to see that they are safe  and are able to attend all of the worship services, Bible studies, workshops, meals, and recreational activities that are offered.

The Association of
Southern Baptist Interpreters for the Deaf (ASBID) has a person responsible for coordinating all of the interpreting for these individuals.  She is called the "Interpreter Coordinator". 

However, SBCD (our Deaf organization) is responsible for coordinating the movement of Deafblind and visually-impaired people from one place to another.  Nancy Perry has done a beautiful job of coordinating this in the past.  She is stepping down now, so a replacement for her is needed right now.  What we need is an "SSP Coordinator" for our 2011 conference.  An SSP Coordinator is a person who oversees the recruiting, training, and scheduling of SSP's.  (An "SSP" is a Support Service Provider - those who guide Deafblind and visually-impaired people from one location to another.) 

Perhaps the Lord has given you the gift of organization/administration so that you would be willing to pray about being the SSP Coordinator for this next conference.  Please pray about this today, and contact Beloved Bro. Jim Dermon immediately if the Lord is speaking to you - JimDermonsbcd@ymail.com.  If you'd like to know the specific duties of the SSP Coordinator, please email Barb Coffan (
  SSP Volunteer John Holland guides Scott Bass.  
NEEDED: Old copies of TWSBCD

Former SBCD President Jim Dermon is searching for old copies of TWSBCD to complete the TWSBCD archives.  If you have older copies of TWSBCD, please check with Jim to see which copies he is missing. He will be happy to copy them and return your originals to you.

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