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  • The Registration for SBCD Week begins NOW!
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  ASBID Association of Southern Baptist
Interpreters for the Deaf
  Welcome Workshops Mentoring By-Laws Yahoo Group  
    Bill Green    
    ASBID Chair    

Welcome to Lake Yale!


We are gearing up for a great time in Florida and are looking forward to seeing you there.  Bring your sun screen lotion.

Nina Coyer (KY) is our program chair.  If you would like to be a workshop presenter, or recommend a person, contact Nina at  nina.coyer@eku.edu.  The workshops have traditionally 80 minutes or a multiple thereof and align with the workshop times of SBCD.

Our current ASBID officers are listed below.  Think about which position you would like to serve in in the coming year. 

I encourage you to come to the ITP 10 hour, 1.0 CEU workshop that precedes SBCD.  It is a great learning experience open to all whether certified or not, experienced or beginner, or in between.  More information is available on the SBCDEAF.ORG web site under the tab “Interpreters/ITP”.

Be sure to download the SBCD registration forms under the “SBCD Week” tab.

One last thought regarding mission giving, which I am very concerned about.

 I feel hard pressed to give a large amount of money once a year for the various collections like IMB, NAMB, our state missions, or even SBCD, but I found if I give an extra dollar in my church envelope every week, at the end of the year I’ve given fifty dollars to the special collection.  Wow!  And for every additional dollar I put in, the amount is multiplied by fifty by the end of the year!  A painless way to share in the spreading of Christ’s gospel.  Try it!

    Our Officers are:    
    Chair Bill Green  
    Vice Chair Amy Naukam  
    Secretary Barbara Flett  
Historian Keva Noble
Interpreter Coordinator Karen Snead
    Deaf-Blind Intp Coordinator Barbara Coffin  
    Nominating Committee Chair Ann Cothern  
    Program Chair Nina Coyer  
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